Early Years

Bergerson Construction was founded in 1968 by Darryl Bergerson. Beginning with a leased boom truck and forklift, the company cut its teeth on building demolition and resale of salvaged materials. Eventually this grew into marine demolition as well as design and construction of marina floats. The company soon built their own fixed-lead piledriver expanding their marine capabilities.

During the next three decades, the company served a variety of public and private clients, concentrating on marine construction and piledriving. The Astoria waterfront was riddled with canneries and other facilities built upon historic timber piles dating back to the early 1900’s. This presented a constant source of dock and pier maintenance projects for the young company. Other staples for Bergerson included USCG Aids to Navigation maintenance, logging road bridges and upland piledriving. As the company grew, so did the geographic area of operations—expanding to a variety of locations throughout the Northwest and Southeast Alaska.

Ownership Transitions

In 1986 Dennis Bjork joined the Bergerson family and served as general manager for many years. In 1998 Mr. Bergerson retired and Mr. Bjork took the reigns as owner and president. Under his leadership, the company streamlined its focus to concentrate on public works and government projects. However, private projects continue to remain an important part of Bergerson’s work.

In 2009, Greg Morrill and Mike Puckett assumed ownership of the company with Greg as President/General Manager and Mike as Vice President/Construction Manager. The experience both of these gentlemen gained having worked many years in the field as well as in management under the leadership of both Mr. Bergerson and Mr. Bjork, made for a seamless transition. Under this new leadership, the company continues to focus on marine and heavy/civil construction for a variety of clients in the midst of an ever changing industry; continually monitoring changes in design, construction methods and materials, while seeking the best value for every client.

Keys to Success

Over the years, the number one key to Bergerson’s success has been its employees—without dedicated field personnel, and the necessary support staff in our shop and office, no project would be completed. Our employees share in the Company’s commitment to safety, integrity and quality. In return we endeavor to provide competitive wages and benefits, as well as a positive work atmosphere in a challenging industry.

Flexibility and the ability to embrace industry changes have also been instrumental to our growth and success. As increased environmental and safety regulations as well as economic changes have swept through the marine construction industry, many companies have been reluctant to make the necessary adjustments. Bergerson Construction continually strives to adjust with such changes to not only survive, but thrive in this challenging industry.

Thanks to our employees, Bergerson Construction has been able to expand our portfolio to include many demanding projects such as environmental restoration, pier construction, marine outfall, seawall and bulkhead construction.