Bergerson Construction Projects

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Berth 9 Grain Facility

Location: Longview, WA
Owner: Port of Longview
Contract Value: $5,300,000
Completion Date: July 2010

Bergerson Construction was contracted by the Port of Longview to construct the waterfront portion of this new grain export facility. The project consisted of construction of a series of pile supported tower platforms, breasting dolphins and mooring dolphins. These structures were connected by a pile supported steel trestle. Due to the soils conditions, some of the piles were over 170' long, and consisted of 18", 24" and 36" diameter pipe driven through unsuitable silts and into dense sands and gravels.

Al major materials were delivered via barges from an offsite staging area to avoid congestion in the upland construction zone.

This contract was completed July 2010.The remainder of this $200 million facility was completed in Summer 2011.

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